Dehydrated Leeks

Leek Powder is finely ground leeks with a natural, appealing green color.
Aromatic and less odoriferous than an onion, this powder is optimal for
adding leek flavor without adding chunk or moisture or altering the texture
of dry seasoning. UD Corps specializes in the production of high-quality
dehydrated leek products.

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Health Benefit

  • Leeks are low caloric but high in nutrients, especially magnesium and
    vitamins A, K, and C. They contain small amounts of copper, iron, folate,
    and vitamin B6.
  • Leeks are rich in sulfur compounds and antioxidants, particularly allicin
    and kaempferol. These are deemed to protect bodies from diseases.
  • Leeks consist of heart-healthy mixtures known to reduce cholesterol,
    inflammation, the formation of blood clots, blood pressure, and overall
    risks of heart disease.

Is dehydrated Leek Gluten-free?

Dried leeks consist of many of the same healthy ingredients of health- promoting legumes. Their fresh, refined sweet flavor adds a tasty addition to dishes. Dehydrated leek is gluten-free as they do not contain any trace of wheat or grain proteins.

Why use dehydrated leeks rather than fresh ones?

  • Dehydrated leeks have an extended life shelf compared to fresh leeks.
  • Easier to use with the same benefits ripped out from fresh leeks.