Dehydrated Onion

Onion Kibbled Premium

Onion Kibbled Premium
UD Crops’ “Dehydrated Onion Products” are made from freshly harvested Egyptian White Onion. 

The fresh Onion has been peeled, trimmed and cored to remove the stem, root and center. Onion is thoroughly washed to be clean from rodent, insect contamination and any foreign matter.

The product goes through a three room drier, metal detector, color sorter, physical and microbiological testing to ensure that you receive the best quality possible
Onion Kibbled Premium

The product to be inserted into 2 layered packages to ensure the safety of the product:

-The inner Package is food grade LDPE- Well Knotted. 

-The outer Package is food grade corrugated cardboard box or food grade multilayer Paper bag. 

**No metal staples, strings, wires or similar objects are allowed for closure. 

Labeling: Label is added on the outer package containing: Supplier’s Name, Client’ Name, product code, Net weight, Gross weight, Batch number, Production and Expiration date. 

**More information can be added to the label upon your request. 

Stretch Wrap: Available upon request. 

Palettes: Palettes are available upon request with extra charge.

Energy (Kcal) /100 gm product 
Protein (g) /100 gm product 9.0
Total Fat (g) /100 gm product 

Total Carbohydrate (g) /100 gm product 81.2
Sugar (g) /100 gm product 37.4
Total Dietary Fiber (%) 9.7
Sodium (mg/kg) 216
Calcium (mg/kg) 2560
Iron (mg/kg) 15
Potassium (mg/kg) 16220

UD Crops declare that all Dehydrated Onion Products are free from the “Major Food Allergens” listed in Annex II of Regulation EU 1169/2011 and indicated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Sec 202. 

UD Crops food ingredients are free from any of the following: milk, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts and soybeans.

Industrial usage: Used in diversified food products such as soups, sauces, pizza, canned foods, sea foods, salads, meat, etc. It is a prominent ingredient in season salt and spice mixes. 

Culinary usage: 

Used in adding a flavorful punch to your cooking. Try adding some into curries and casseroles to enrich flavor – you could even sprinkle some into bread dough to give it an edge.

Onion French Bread Loaves

Storage conditions: to be organized horizontally on a pallet, protected against sun, rain and other weather influences, at temperature between below 25°C (< 77º F) and below (65%) humidity.

Shelf Life: it’s recommended to be used before 24 months under the recommended storage condition. 

– Appropriate storage is essential to maintain quality, taste, and safety of consumption.

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