Providing the highest quality dried produce depends on a complex and tightly controlled production process. As such, UD Crops has a team of highly skilled professionals who ensure every product is top-notch from the moment we harvest the vegetable to the moment we package it. From field to shelf, we take great pride in our work, which shows in every product that leaves our facility. Here's a quick look at what goes into our range of offerings.

Sourcing The Right Produce

We take great care to ensure that every product we harvest is as ripe and fresh as possible. After being chosen from our farm, it must pass a stringent quality process to ensure it is mature, free of harmful chemical dusting or pesticides, and safe for human consumption. Every step is traceable—from seed to finish product.
Unwavering Attention To Detail
Once we’ve found the right produce and harvested it, it's time to undergo a step-by-step process that will triple-check its quality and deliver superior products to consumers.

01 Washing

Produce is washed twice to ensure it's free from dust, dirt, and debris before further processing.


02 Manual Sorting

Produce that is not suitable for drying is removed.

Manual Sorting

03 Metal Detection

Produce goes through a state-of-the-art metal detector to eliminate any metal debris, regardless of size.

Metal Detection

04 Cutting and Dehydration

Advanced cutting machines slice produce to the exact size; then diced pieces are dried in three stages using temperature-controlled and multi-directional airflow chambers.

Cutting and Dehydration

05 Tertiary Sorting

Our products go through two automatic sorting machines to ensure high-quality standards. The built-in cameras sort each piece automatically based on their size and color, which helps to maintain consistency in aroma and flavor. Once sorted, we send a sample of each product to our on-site laboratory to confirm that it is safe and consistent with international standards.

Tertiary Sorting

06 Storage

After passing inspection, the produce is stored in a specialized air-chilled warehouse for optimal preservation.