Dehydrated Leeks

Leek Green White Minced

Leek Green White Minced
UD Crops’ “Dehydrated Leek Products” are made from the fresh air-dried pieces. The leek plant is thoroughly washed to be clean from dirt, rodent, insect contamination and any foreign matter.

The product goes through a three room drier, metal detector, color sorter, physical and microbiological testing to ensure that you receive the best quality possible.
Leek Green White Minced

The product to be inserted into 2 layered packages to ensure the safety of the product:
-The inner Package is food grade LDPE- Well Knotted.
-The outer Package is food grade corrugated cardboard box or food grade multilayer Paper bag.
**No metal staples, strings, wires or similar objects are allowed for closure.
– Labeling: Label is added on the outer package containing: Supplier’s Name, product code, Net weight, Gross weight, Batch number, Production and Expiration date.
**More information can be added to the label upon your request.
– Stretch Wrap: Available upon request.
– Palettes: Palettes are available upon request with extra charge.


Energy (Kcal) /100 gm product 


Protein (g) /100 gm product


Total Fat (g) /100 gm product 


Total Carbohydrate (g) /100 gm product


Total dietary fiber (%)


Sodium (mg/kg)


Calcium (mg/kg)


Iron (mg/kg)


Potassium (mg/kg)


UD Crops declare that all Dehydrated Leek Products are free from the “Major Food Allergens” listed in Annex II of Regulation EU 1169/2011 and indicated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Sec 202.
UD Crops food ingredients are free from any of the following: milk, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts and soybeans.

Industrial usage: used in food industry for the preparation of sauces, vegetable stock-cubes, mixtures of spices.
Culinary usage: The perfect ingredient for making soups, sausages and gravy.

– Storage conditions: to be organized horizontally on a pallet, protected against sun, rain and other weather influences, at temperature between below 25°C (< 77º F) and below (65%) humidity.
– Shelf Life: it’s recommended to be used before 24 months under the recommended storage condition.
– Appropriate storage is essential to maintain quality, taste, and safety of consumption.

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